Depression, Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease

The combined scores of the Brain C 13 verbal test and performance test are used to form the Wechsler IQ score, which is then compared to the scores of the test-taker's age group. Although the WISC does not evaluate ADHD and learning disorders, it is often a springboard that suggests whether a child has a learning disability or not.

Wechsler Individual Assessment Test (WIAT)The Wechsler Individual Achievement Test was developed by the same experts who formulated the WISC, and is made up of four standardized sections that examine reading, math, oral language, and written language skills. Except for the written component, all the sections are administered without a time limit so the child can demonstrate his or her knowledge and skills without pressure.

The WIAT has been useful in detecting learning disorders that occur with neurological disorders.The tests mentioned above can be taken through and interpreted by licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, and learning experts. Ask your child's guidance office or school psychologist to help you access these tests.