D2R: build that can reliably tank dolls while soloing P8 hell?

Is it possible to trivialize every area in D2R in hell while maintaining enough damage to solo farm every area in the game efficiently in P8 online? I want to eventually hit 99 but am having way too many close calls for me to feel comfortable.

Specifically, a lot of people say the game gets too easy once you get geared but I find that dolls in act3 Durance or act5 WSK can still kill me if there's a bad spawn and I don't pay enough attention. It doesn't seem like any other monster type poses a problem.

I've tried standard max vita lightning sorc and hammerdin with BiS gear, and both seem to do fine unless there's a big wave of dolls with a bad combination of auras and curses. Over a large number of runs this is basically guaranteed to happen at least once so I have to pay attention and can't really autopilot or get too stoned, etc. And I need a lot of D2R Items, too.

Now I'm getting interested in ES sorcs or immortal sorc builds, but would like to hear some thoughts before committing a ton of runes getting their gear.

Is this just part of the game (it gets "easy" but never so easy that you can autopilot anywhere) or is there a build that truly does allow you to autopilot P8 anywhere?
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