Coca-Cola buys Costa Coffee from Whitbread for £3.9bn


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And in consequence I'm moving out of ever buying/drinking a Costa coffee ever again. I do not wish to spend money with a company that supports/perpetrates the destruction of tropical rain forests to create palm oil plantations.

Oeh boehoe one client less bet they’ll stop doing it just because you left.

Damian Berner how stupid are you! Of course they won't change their behaviour/actions because I no longer buy their product but if enough people are alert to their shenanigans and boycott them then they would have to stop raping the rain forest.

Moan moan moan.

Trevor Jenkins I'm with you.

Trevor Jenkins unfortunately not everyone is able to see the big Picture.... People like Damian & Ian are only concerned with their own little Lives....

Me too Trevor. I have always loved Costa as a great British Brand...

I don't drink coffee and coca cola. It doesn't affect anyone at all.

Keep it as a British Brand.

It's owned by PepsiCo at present xD.

So u prefer to give ur hard earned money to bbc... they don’t destroy forests they just like little kids and get any oap in prison if they don’t get what they want.

It’s owned by Whitbread. Pepsico have nothing to do with it.

Another British company sold off to a big multinational, we've got hardly anything left. US multinationals are known in the UK for not paying taxes. Starbucks is awful and any change to be like them would be bad. When Cadbury got sold to Kraft they ruined it.

I worked for Le Pain Quoitdian in London. Once americans bought it things went down the drain both for staff and the customers.

Wasn't costa one of those firms accused of not paying it's fair share of tax the other year? I know Starbucks was, but thought Costa was too?

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Micheál Déaglán Ó Buachalla er no. Costa originated in London 1971. Was acquired by Whitbred (another UK company) in 95 and is still part of Whitbred currently.

Just make your own coffee. You can save a lot.

So does the coffee still taste like piss?

Whitbread wanted to spin it off, and Coca-Cola wanted to move into the hot beverage market so it was a logical purchase. Just hope they improve the food offering Costa is the last place i'd look for a sandwich or salad.

fizzy coffee on its way.

More less tax for us then.

Sounds like another tax dodge.

Aaw shame, it's fine, start bucks is the better one anyways.