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The appearance is mainly gold and blue. The blue is printed with a beautiful shading design. The two colors contrast with each other and show the special grade. The design of the cigarettes echoes the appearance, with a strong sense of coordination and full of high-end atmosphere. There is indeed the artistic conception of national color and heavenly fragrance Newport 100S. It not only looks beautiful Carton Of Cigarettes, but also has a distinctive cigarette taste. Some netizens said that it is harder than national tobacco. Moderate, pure and natural aftertaste, with obvious sweetness. The design of the cigarette case is also high-end and fashionable. It is a very decent cigarette for going out to meet friends, for leisure and self-enjoyment, or for giving gifts. It is cost-effective and has a distinctive personality. Not only male smokers like it, but female smokers also like it. In short, it is a good cigarette worthy of everyone's taste. The fine-grained black is dominated by fashionable flashing matte black, the golden colorful reflective laser brand font, and the tobacco leaf pattern matched with gold and silver. The very eye-catching design shows its unique cigarette box charm to the extreme. With its beautiful appearance, it has a lot of success. Many young smokers who pursue fashion buy a black tar for its appearance. The amount of black tar is very soft. It also highlights the pure original fragrance. The sweet smell is also good. The design highlights the tasteful style, and the taste highlights the taste of healthy smoking. The smoke has a pure and smooth fragrance, comfortable and natural in mouth, and less irritating. It has a typical Sichuan smoke flavor. It is easy to smoke. It is also very marketable in terms of pricing. Competitiveness, which is also the main reason for its rapid success Cigarettes For Sale.
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