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Methadone may be a prescription . It’s an opioid, which makes it a drug . meaning its use are going to be closely monitored by your doctor.

Methadone comes as an oral tablet, oral dispersible tablet (tablet which will be dissolved in liquid), oral concentrate solution, and oral solution. Methadone also comes in an intravenous (IV) form, which is merely given by a healthcare provider.

Methadone is out there because the brand-name drugs Methadose and Dolophine. It’s also available as a drug . Generic drugs usually cost but brand-name versions. In some cases, they’ll not be available in every strength or form as brand-name drugs.

Methadone oral tablet is employed to manage moderate to severe pain. It’s only given when other short-term or non-opioid pain drugs don’t work for you or if you can’t tolerate them.

Methadone is additionally wont to manage white plague . If you’re hooked in to another opioid, your doctor may offer you methadone to stop you from having severe withdrawal symptoms.