Australian worker overpaid by A$500,000


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I'd have a Swiss account, a name and identity change, a new race, and probably a new job as a cleaner at the same company, hoping to get lucky twice.

Half a million sounds like a lot, until you realize it's in Australian dollars.

Clearly, you don't have a sense of humour, Cholphop. Lily say hi to your 11 Facebook friends for me.

Hilarious! Lol.

it's a joke bud, it's about the same as the Canadian dollar.

He would have had to pay it back anyway...

yeah the point is more to celebrate the fact that there is still honesty and good in humanity.

meaningless if you know you can't keep jt.

Yes, and had he spent it, he would have been charged with theft.

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One upon a time, I worked for a credit card company that would process transactions made on the old swipe machines. As it was hand written the system couldn't read the handwriting so it was all inputted manually. It was not uncommon for this sort of thing to happen, either the decimal point being too late or too early. Had some people paying £3000 for a pizza or £30.00 for a £3k holiday.

I had a credit card company do that with my payment years ago. I always sent them a 40.00 dollar check. They processed at as 4000 dollars. Screwed up my bank account. I got the bank to fix my account in a few days, but the card company did not fix the error for like 6 months.

...why? Eat the rich, they won't do you any favors in life.

Good for him for being honest - even the most honest of people would be tempted to take the money and start a new life someplace warm and remote where it would go a long long way.

Very good of him to be honest...yes he would have had to pay back anyway but the fact that he didn't wait to be asked is lovely.

Now why can't my life have a mistake like this in it?

900 Dollarydoos!?!?

A decimal point in the wrong place saw his wages increase to nearly half a million Australian dollars.