Are Used Mobile Homes A Good Choice?

Everyone loves a brand-new home, and with so many on the market it gives a buyer a wide variety of choices. Most people when they think of a new home, consider the standard brick or siding home built on site. And even when it comes to buying a used home, a traditional home is probably what comes to mind. Not many people realize the cost savings they could have if they were to buy a manufactured home (a home built in a factory setting) instead. Buying a used traditional home is a good savings over a brand-new one, are used mobile homes a good choice as well?

Let's look at the advantages of buying used mobile homes. To start with, you may not be aware that mobile, or manufactured homes as they are also called, depreciate a little in value the first year just by taking them off the lot, much the same as a car loses value to minute you drive it out of the dealership. Because of this fact, buying a used home can be a big financial advantage. However if the home has been well-maintained by previous owners, this depreciation can be kept to a minimum and the home will still have a good deal of its original value. Obviously this means that used mobile homes give you more value for your dollar than newer models.

You may find in many situations that used mobile homes have had some upgrades over the years and may have better insulation and perhaps even newer carpet, flooring, and fixtures, making them a favorable alternative to a new model. You also likely have the advantage of not needing to move or relocate a used mobile home as you would if you bought a new one off the dealer's lot. Many mobile home parks or manufactured housing communities feature previously owned mobile homes for sale, and all you have to do is pay a small additional lot rent each month. This is an advantage particularly to those who may just be starting out and don't want to buy a piece of property just yet.

As with any other home, used manufactured housing comes in all sizes and configurations. You can find two three or four bedroom homes with two or three bathrooms, even dens or family rooms to make your life as cozy and convenient as you like. Just as with most other things, the bottom line matters, and with used manufactured housing costing only two thirds that of new housing, and only half that of traditional housing, you may find that this type of home is a favorable option for you.
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