Annals of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty 002

At the same time, there were several famous disciples: Sun Bin from Qi, Pang Juan from Wei, Zhang Yi, and Su Qin from Luoyang. Bin and Juan became brothers and learned the art of war; Qin and Yi became brothers and learned from their classmates; each learned from his own family. Pang Juan has learned the art of war for more than three years, and he thinks he can. Suddenly one day, in order to draw water, he happened to walk to the foot of the mountain and heard a legend from passers-by that the State of Wei was recruiting talents with thick coins and visiting generals and ministers. Pang Juan was so moved that he wanted to leave his husband and go down the mountain to apply for a job in the State of Wei. He was afraid that his husband would not let him go, so he hesitated and did not want to say anything. When he saw his appearance, he knew what he meant. He said to Pang Juan with a smile, "Your time has come. Why don't you go down the mountain and seek wealth and honor?" When Pang Juan heard what you had said, he hit the spot in his heart. He knelt down and asked, "My disciple has this intention. Can I be proud of this trip before I examine it?" The master said, "You went to pick a branch of the mountain flower, and I took it for you." Pang Juan went down the mountain to look for the mountain flowers. At this time, it was June, and flowers were blooming, but there were no mountain flowers. Pang Juan turned left and right. After searching for a long time, he found a stem of grass and flowers. He uprooted it and wanted to present it to his master. Suddenly he thought, "This flower is so weak that it is not a great thing." He threw it to the ground and went to look for it again. It was strange that there were no other flowers, so he had to turn around and hide the grass flowers he had taken before in his sleeve. He replied to the gentleman, "There are no flowers in the mountains." "Since there is no flower," said the gentleman, "what is in your sleeve?" Juan can't hide, have to take out and present. Its flowers leave the earth, and first through the sun, has been half sunflower. "Do you know the name of this flower?" Said the gentleman? It is Aristolochia contorta. One opens twelve flowers, which is the number of years of prosperity. It was plucked in the Valley of the Ghost, but it withered when it saw the sun. The ghost is near Wei. You must have been born in the State of Wei. Pang Juan secretly marveled. The master also said, "But if you do not agree to deceive others, you will certainly deceive others in the future, and you will also be deceived by others. You must be warned!"! I have eight characters, you should remember: 'Meet a sheep and honor,Vending Machine Motor, meet a horse and tired.' "Pang Juan bowed down again, saying," My teacher is a great teacher, and I dare not write to the gentry. " Before his departure, Sun Bin saw him off down the mountain. Pang Juan said, "a certain brother and I have been friends for eight times, and we have sworn to share the same wealth and honor. If there is a step forward on this trip, we must recommend my brother and make contributions together." Sun Bin said, "Is this the fruit of my brother's words?" "If my brother's words are false," said Juan, "he will be killed by ten thousand arrows." "Thank you for your kindness," said the guest. "There is no need to swear again." Two tears and leave. When Sun Bin returned to the mountain,brushless gear motor, the master saw his tearful face and asked, saying, "Do you regret the departure of Pang Sheng?" The guest says: "The affection of the classmate, how can at all costs?" The master said, "Do you call Pang Sheng a great general?" Bin said, "I have been taught by my teacher for a long time. Why not?" The gentleman says: "All not, all not!" Bing frightened, ask the reason. The gentleman does not speak. The next day, he said to his disciple, "I have heard the sound of rats at night. You will take turns to stay overnight and drive the rats away for me." The disciples are like life. That night, when Sun Bin was on duty, he took out a volume of a document from under his pillow and said to him, 'These are the thirteen chapters of the Art of War by your grandfather Sun Wuzi. Once upon a time, your ancestor offered it to King Helu of Wu, and Helu used his strategy to defeat the Chu teacher. Later He Lu cherished this book and did not want to spread it widely, so he put it in an iron cabinet and hid it in the house of Gusu. This book has not been handed down since the burning of Taiwan by Vietnamese soldiers. I have made friends with Ru Zu, so I got the book and annotated it in person. The secret of marching is all in it, and I have never given it to anyone lightly. "Now I see that your heart is loyal and honest, so I will pay you." Bin said, "I lost my parents when I was young, and my family was separated by many countries. Although I knew that my grandfather had this book, I did not pass it on.". Since my teacher has an annotation, why not pass it on to Pang Juan and give it to the guest alone? The master said, High Torque 12v Dc Motor ,12v High Torque Motor, "Those who get this book will make good use of it for the benefit of the world, and those who do not make good use of it will do harm to the world. If you are not a good scholar, how can you pay it lightly?" Bin is back to the bedroom, day and night recitation. Three days later, my husband asked Sun Bin for his original book. The guest comes out of the sleeve and returns the gentleman. The gentleman is tired: Sick and sleepy. Questioned one by one, the guest answered fluently, without leaving a word. The master exulted, saying, "You have done this with your heart, so that your father will not die." Besides, Pang Juan said goodbye to Sun Bin and went straight into the State of Wei. With the art of war, he made a mistake and recommended him to King Hui. When Pang Juan entered the court, it was just before King Hui entered the court to steam the sheep. King Hui raised the tube, and Pang Juan exulted in private, saying, "My teacher said, 'When you meet a sheep, you will be honored.' This is not wrong." When King Hui saw Pang Juan, he stood up with chopsticks and greeted him. When Pang Juan worshipped him again, King Hui held him and asked him what he had learned. Juan replied, "I have learned from Mr. Gui Gu, and I have acquired the essence of the art of war." Fearing that he would not be able to do so, King Hui of Jing asked, saying, "In our kingdom, we have Qi in the east, Qin in the west, Chu in the south, and Han, Zhao, and Yan in the north. They are all evenly matched.". But the people of Zhao seized my Zhongshan, and this revenge was not avenged. What is your plan, sir? Pang Juan said, "Your Majesty, if you don't use a humble minister, you will have done it. If you use a humble minister as a general, you will win the battle of discipline, and you will win the attack. You can annex the whole world. Why worry about the six kingdoms?" King Hui said, "Sir, with your great words, there is no difficulty in putting them into practice." Juan replied, "I have my own strong points, and in fact I can hold the six kingdoms in my hands. If my appointment is not effective, I am willing to be punished." Hui Wang Dayue, worshipped as a marshal and a military adviser. Juanzi Pang Ying, nephew Pang Cong, Pang Mao, all for the column of generals, Juan military training, the first invasion of Wei, Song of small countries, repeatedly won. Song, Lu, Wei and Zheng made an appointment to come to court. When the army of qi invaded the territory, Juan recovered it, so he thought that he had made great contributions to the world, and he could not boast of it. At that time, Mo Zhai traveled to famous mountains and visited friends in Guigu. As soon as he saw Sun Bin, he talked with him and found a deep agreement. Then he said to Bin, "You have already completed your studies. Why don't you go out and achieve fame, and drown in the mountains for a long time?" Bin said, "I have a fellow student, Pang Juan, who became an official in Wei. He has made an appointment with me on the day of his success, and he will quote him. I will wait for him." Mo Zhai said, "When Juan saw that he was a general of Wei, I went to practice for my son.". Gan: Beg. Wei, with the meaning of Cha Juan. Mo Zhai resigned and went straight to the State of Wei, where he heard that Pang Juan had no intention of invoking Sun Bin, knowing that he was confident of his ability and was not ashamed of his words. Instead, he asked to see King Hui of Wei in his wild clothes. When King Hui heard the name of Mo Zhai,Low Rpm Electric Motor, he demoted to meet him and knocked at the art of war. Mo Zhai refers to say roughly. Hui Wang Daxi wants to remain in office. Mo Zhai Gu Ci said, "I have the nature of the mountains and the wilderness, and I am not accustomed to clothes.".