5 Hacks to Increase the Humidity Levels for Indoor Plants


Your indoor plants need a lot of care to keep thriving even in uncertain conditions. The humidity levels in your indoor plants play a crucial role in their growth, and there are many reasons you need to maintain their humidity levels to save them from dying. Before you get indoor plants online, you need to understand the best ways to maintain their humidity. Here we have these five simple hacks to increase their humidity levels to help keep them thriving, whether you own a single plant or a bunch of them.

Keep them together

One of the best ways to increase their humidity levels is to keep them together. Do you know plants lose water through their leaves in the form of water vapor? This process is called transpiration, where plants release moisture into the air, making the air humid. So, if you keep their humidity levels in check, grouping them together will be excellent. You can also get the best indoor plants online for your interiors and group them to pace up the transpiration process resulting in increased humidity.

Keep them in your Bathroom

Do you know the most humid place in your entire home? We all know our Bathrooms can maintain high humidity levels in all seasons. So, if you want to increase the humidity of your indoor plants, your Bathroom will be an ideal place. Since your bathrooms consist of showers, basins, bathtubs, and taps, it helps keep some humidity stored in the atmosphere. You can quickly get the perfect indoor plants online for your Bathroom, such as ferns, peace lilies, etc.

Dry Clothes in the same room

There are several ways you can help increase the humidity levels of your houseplants. One of them is drying your clothes in the same room where you keep your indoor plants. Get all your indoor plants together in the same area where you dry your clothes. This helps the plants benefit by gaining the humidity the clothes evaporate in the air. Make sure to get houseplants that improve the moisture of your atmosphere while you buy indoor plants online.

Choose the two-pot method.

Among the several ways, the two-pot method is a great way to retain the humidity levels in your indoor plants. Under this, you need to take two pots, one large and one smaller, when you buy an indoor plant online. Grow your plants in the smaller plant and keep them inside the bigger pot. Now cover the extra space with sphagnum moss and wet it with water. The moss will help keep the humidity level in check so that your houseplants can quickly grow and thrive.

Mist them in the morning

Another excellent hack we can give you is to mist your plants in the morning. You can simply use a spray bottle and spray it all over your houseplants to increase their humidity level. But you need to apply this several times a day. You can buy the best indoor plants online from Leaf Baba to get the best range of houseplants for your indoors.