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  1. Xiander

    Vehicle and Camping for wildlife and nature photography

    So, I'm curious, what do you all drive and use for camping? More specifically for those who travel and those who go further and camp either through a tent, a car, a motorhome, etc. what do you use and do you prefer? I look to the coming years to travel across North America to photograph...
  2. Xiander

    Nature and outdoors

    It's a place we can talk about outside. Things like gardening, camping, beetles and critters.
  3. Xiander

    Is anyone going back to the tents?

    I know most keep growing and don't get me wrong, I love my puppy, but a really decent tent is a good thing. There are three of us and my tents are designed for 4 people, so the size is quite close. I have a few of them: a bargain-priced marmot from Cabela's for about $120 (2 real poles + 2 small...
  4. Xiander


    I recently finished a Python beginner course, so now I can read and understand in part what is going on in python code, and I am proud of it given that I knew zilch a few weeks ago. I would like to work with machine learning experts using Pitch or Keras, as they seem to be the most popular...
  5. Xiander

    College problem

    I went to college and want to go to work, but I don’t know how to make it all. Do you have any tips on how to save time?
  6. Xiander

    League of Legends

    I am really big in the League, but I have yet to find anyone else (in real life or not) who forms this interest. Does anyone out there like that too?
  7. Xiander

    How can I find a good SEO service?

    How can I find a good SEO service?
  8. Xiander

    What was your most intense orgasm?

    Was it with your lover or by yourself?
  9. Xiander


    What gifts can I use for my friends or colleagues?
  10. Xiander

    Nuances of recording a phone call

    How does the call logger work? Is it safe? Its use is legal
  11. Xiander

    How to pick up right dosage of CBD?