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    Winter Song - Winer 2018

    # song # winter # 2018 # 2019 Songs for this winter 2018 - Winter Songs - Winter 2018 - Khac Cong Autumn is over Winter is cold Heavy winds wrapped in autumn leaves In my heart why are you empty? Every drop of rain kept falling in my heart Does anyone understand? on a long way alone to...
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    I think about Nazca Line

    I’d like to talk about definition the Nazca Line. The Nazca Lines are known for “map of the earth”, include giant geoglyphs or drawings on the ground of desert. They located in the Peruvian coastal plain about 400 kilometers south of Lima, Peru. The Nazca Lines are three basis configurations...
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    Melania calls for national security aide Mira Ricardel's firing

    BBC News probably telling Melania not to wear those $20,000 dollar costumes in africa. Jean Jones don't forget the 95k hotel. Jean Jones there was something about the white hat. Also, rumors of a $100,000 a night hotel paid, that she never spent the night in. I dare to say Melania doesn’t...
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    Mourning dog waits for 80 days in road where owner died

    Feed a dog for 3 days they can remember you forever but feed human for 3 years and stop one day, you would be forgotten forever. You said it David. Humans are only breed on earth who are ungrateful. The cat would have waited 8 seconds and then looked for a new walking food and shelter...
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    US and North Korea suffer communication breakdown

    Donald wants an open relationship where he’s free to see other dictators. Dabido Buvic, threatening war against an unstable dictator is not diplomacy. Praising and expressing affection towards an unstable dictator is bad no matter how you look at it. It's less what he did and more how he did...
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    Victoria's Secret 'sorry' for transgender model comments

    It's called Victoria's secret not victors secret. This joke is as old as ur sexual life I guess. Yeah, if they want to put stipulations on their models, that's their thing. They only choose tall, thin women. What's next? A short woman getting offended????? Good decision, they are...
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    Trump wades into Florida Senate election chaos

    Bit of dick this guy , isn't he.?? I laughed at this waaaay too much 😂😂it’s such a wonderful understatement it’s glorious! Thank you! He didn't mind Russian interference in his own election though. Paula Attwood-Rees are you really comparing potential influence with actual physical sabotage...
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    Colorado man pleads guilty to wife and daughter's murders

    It’s people like this that makes me have no problem footing the bill via taxes to make him sit in a cell and suffer for the rest of his natural life. Death is the easy way out for him. I say let him rot. His wife was having a Boy a son for him l will never work this out why did he kill them...
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    More than 70 pupils have been kidnapped from a boarding school in the west of Cameroon.

    Please pray for the rescue of these children i Jesus name. Humans are a pathetic species of ruthless users and abusers. How do their hearts turn so cold and heartless. It's all staged...the kidnapping was carried out by the French troops .secessionist don't have vehicles to transport 70...
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    Viva Four-Ever: Spice Girls confirm reunion tour (without Victoria Beckham)

    Old Spice. Come on, someone had to say it... No thanks stick them back in the cupboard. This is what I want. What I really, really want. Victoria obviously thinks she’s too good for them. POSHIBLY. Can we start a go fund me page to raise funds for them NOT to reform and tour. Lolb.
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    X Factor cancels voting after sound issues

    Isn't the bloke with the beard the one who wrestles Borat on the bed? So much for the show being live! If it was recorded earlier that afternoon sound problems should of been picked up before it was aired!! Wouldn't have made a great deal of difference if they hadn't cancelled I imagine -...
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    Man kicked off Canada plane over 'sleeping pill'

    Happy to sell you enough booze to get you pissed but God forbid you try to sleep. This is not news. All passengers must be awake, reasonably alert, and able to promptly follow flight deck and cabin crew instructions during takeoff and landing when most emergencies occur. A sleeping and/or...
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    IVF fertility treatment success 'causes fall in adoptions'

    I'm so sick of the world assuming that it's the responsibility of infertile couples to adopt children. This article doesn't help matters. Children who need families are EVERYONE'S responsibility. Having gone through 1 and a half years of the adoption process - hard work, paperwork, group...
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    Has stadium rock been unplugged?

    Absolutely not. Rock and metal will forever be around. Rock/Metal concerts actually have something to watch as they play their own instruments with so much talent! Pop you go and watch someone walk around the stage singing with maybe some smoke/Pyros and the bloke operating the computer for...
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    New £50 note will feature a British scientist

    Turing... he's owed endless recognition that he should have had in life. Andy Davis the same can be said for Ada Lovelace. Agreed. Alan Turing, Charles Babbage, or Tim Berners-Lee should be the leading candidates. All three quite literally changed the world via computing, though I feel...
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    Kleenex bins 'Mansize' tissues

    In this day and age they should name them 'gender fluid tissues' Perfect double meaning. “Mansize” was always false advertising - the average height of a man is 175cm in the UK and I’ve never seen as tissue anywhere near that big. Nothing to do with PC or gender equality just good branding...
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    Royal tour: First glimpse of Meghan's baby bump

    Can we appreciate just how well crafted this little kangaroo is? I want one. If that's a baby bump, then I'm about 9mths pregnant with a New York cheesecake. Oh god, are we going to get an update every day now?
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    Kangaroo launches savage attack on family in Queensland

    Kangaroos are arming themselves with the tools of convict labour and fighting to overthrow their occidental invaders. The way we walk upright is an aggressive stance to a kangaroo and they will act accordingly. We need to understand how animals see us not just how we see them. So sorry for...
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    President Trump promises "severe punishment" if Saudi Arabia is found to have murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi

    ha ha ha. Trump only punishes his own people. He will let Saudi Arabia off the hook big time because he is too afraid in case they boot his companies out of Saudi Arabia . The Saudis just horrifically tortured and murdered an American-based journalist who criticized their Prince, which is...
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    Canada politician says crucifix 'not religious symbol'

    Well, it is actually a Roman torture device... For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16. Either ban them all or allow them all. You can't allow exceptions.