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  1. Karl.Hennings

    Buying a retro console

    I didn't play that kind of game. I don't think it's that interesting.
  2. Karl.Hennings

    Card Game

    I want to play the card game Spades and I don't quite understand how to bet in it. Have any of you played it? Can you enlighten a newcomer? Because we have even started to think up their own rules, but then realized that nothing good would come out of it.
  3. Karl.Hennings

    Let's talk about games

    I often play games, but I don't think they have any effect on your brain activity. You have emotions in games, and I think that's the most important thing.
  4. Karl.Hennings

    Do you play games with your children?

    I like to play computer games. But lately I have less and less time for it since I have kids. I think about playing games with my kids. What do you recommend?
  5. Karl.Hennings

    The advantages of online gambling

    I think there will always be advantages to gambling. It's a temptation to win easy money.
  6. Karl.Hennings

    Casino tråd

    Hej forummedlemmar. Jag undrar vilka av er här som spelar kasinon. Föredrar du online eller åker du till omgivningarna och spelar där? Förklara varför du valde detta alternativ. Det skulle glädja mig att höra från dig.
  7. Karl.Hennings

    Games that help distract you

    I would like to play games on my Pandora Box. I bought it over a month ago, but haven't played it yet, I don't have time for it. Now I want to get distracted and be alone with myself and relax. What games on Pandora can you advise me on?
  8. Karl.Hennings

    Do you use a betting app?

    I use sports betting and use the app. Because it's not convenient to bet through the site.
  9. Karl.Hennings

    Slot Machine preferată

    Deseori joc în cazinouri atât online, cât și offline. Din toate sloturile pe care le-am jucat, mi-a plăcut cel de căpșuni, așa că recomand să îl joc la La intrarea în slotul Fruit Cocktail, jucătorii sunt întâmpinați de o căpșună...
  10. Karl.Hennings

    How to make a beautiful interface of the site?

    I would like to have a beautiful website. What kind of specialists can you advise me?
  11. Karl.Hennings

    Help with mailing list

    If you already have a base to who you can send messages, you're on the right track. So to say it is already halfway there. All that's left is to send them out and hope that they get some attention.
  12. Karl.Hennings

    How to bet on sports?

    I need a quality mobile betting app. What can you recommend? I want to learn how to bet on sports.
  13. Karl.Hennings

    Have you ever won at a casino?

    I think it's stupid to think that you can make money at a casino. Because you're going to lose more anyway. I like to play the lottery sometimes. And the only thing I can advise not to lose a lot of money and come out in the black is ซื้อหวยออมสิน. I use this piggy bank when I want to play the...
  14. Karl.Hennings

    What do you think of Counter-Strike?

    What do I have to do to start playing Cs well? I'm thinking about starting to play in tournaments. I've studied all the detailed information with the website . I hope it will be useful for me in the tournament. This will be my first tournament. We often play with friends...